The Meaning of A Champion

The Meaning of A Champion

Meaning of A Champion

Yay … 19 year-old American Katie Ledecky showed us what a champion is when she won the 400-meter freestyle by five seconds while crushing [her own] world record by two seconds in the Rio Summer Olympics. With Britain placing second and her American mate in third, it is Katie’s attitude and lifestyle that helped her achieve such greatness. She is a Champion, through and through – and this means she commits every day to what she wants to achieve. In her life, she is always practicing – even her time off is committed to what wants to accomplish. Every moment of her life is devoted in some way to her education, training, and blowing her goals out of the water.

That’s what being a champion is all about – go after your dreams, work hard, be consistent, and remember that winners never quit and quitters never win.

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