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  • Is a member of elite marketing and business masterminds, which include public figures and experts such as Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Joe Polish, Jeff Walker, etc.
  • Wants others to be able to leverage the success she has gained and the knowledge she acquired
  • Works with expert business leaders and executives who run multi-million dollar companies
  • Launches multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for her companies and know the best resources to utilize in order to build a profitable and valuable company
Lee and Tony Robbins


Elite Business of the Year Winner

Infusionsoft Inc.

Best in Class in Social Media


Top 100 Women-Owned Businesses

San Francisco Business Times

a positive impact on your business

“Lee is a great marketing strategist and she is an award winning marketing specialist with extensive social media expertise. I have known Lee for years and she contributes a lot of value to our community. Lee is a leader that will have a positive impact on your business. In addition, she is a great international public speaker known to inspire the people to live a life they dream. She shares her extensive knowledge and entrepreneurial experience with business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders around the world. When you need a speaker to share valuable marketing advice and to help your audience to create success in their business, I recommend you contact Lee.”

David Mitroff, Ph.D - Business Consultant, Marketing Expert

Elite Mastermind at Infusionsoft

“There's no one in the world like Lee. Spend an hour with her and you'll wonder how one person can have so many different strengths and talents. I get the honor of having Lee in our Elite Mastermind at Infusionsoft. She is a super contributor to the group...always bringing amazing knowledge, making powerful connections, and inspiring us all to use of unique gifts to play bigger in the world. “

Cindy Eagar - Director of Elite Programs at Infusionsoft

business mastery

“Lee has so much business mastery. She is a marketing, branding, team management and operations expert. What I appreciate about Lee is that she wants everyone to win and while she is action oriented and completes projects on time, she is also committed to the way business is done and she does it with kindness and appreciation.”

Caterina Rando - Founder of Thriving Women in Business Community, Magazine and Giving Circle

Elite Business of the Year

“We are thrilled that Lee is awarded Elite Business of the Year. Her dedication and participation in the program is what catapulted her business success. Lee is an ideal ambassador as she is always willing to implement what she learns and contributes strategies to help her peers succeed.”

Clate Mask - CEO of Infusionsoft

one of the most brilliant, successful, GIVING entrepreneurs I know.

“Lee Richter is one of the most brilliant, successful, GIVING entrepreneurs I know. She has several successful businesses, two of which generate millions in annual revenue. Do yourself a favor and follow her for awesome tips. And if you have questions, Go Ask Lee!”

Kathy Kidd - Publisher at Kidd Marketing

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