The Right Way to Connect With Your Customers

The Right Way to Connect With Your Customers

Back again with a great article, in this one you’ll learn:

How to utilize different methods to attract clients!

How to meet and connect with your customers/clients, whether online or in person!

The importance of creating relationships, not just connections!

As we have learned from prior posts, reaching out to your clients is all about relevance, proximity, and like-mindedness. For example, if you are a holistic doctor reaching out to the holistic community, your marketing strategy would be reaching out to the holistic community, no matter what age. Then your tactics, especially advertising, would support this outreach to the holistic community. However, by adding an incentive to other communities doesn’t hurt – you’re targeting a specific community, but it’s a brilliant idea to consider a sign or post, etc. that says, “Come in/by and see what we’ve got going on today!”

It is extremely important to connect with customers because marketing and advertising are the key elements to making your service known – if they’re not drawn in by your advertising, you’re likely to fail.

How do you connect with your clients (online, over the phone, lunch)? Let’s see what advice you have for us!

Find a way to meet with your clients through your marketing strategy. It’s easy to connect with clients online―you can share pictures, stories, and hook people with good headlines, but it’s always a great idea to attract people to want more! That’s where face-to-face is your best option. Find an editorial calendar that tells you what media are going to be writing about during the months of the year. For example, February might be National Dental Month, so you can come up with some tactics to write based on that and ask for a couple meetings with clients.

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Again, it’s easy to connect via social media―if you’re a business person, you can use LinkedIn or Google Plus, if you’re looking for a more laid back feel, you can use Facebook, Pintrest, or Instagram. People love sharing pictures, so find a way to incorporate that, for example, people love to share pictures of their pets, so host a pet contest―their prize can be something you are promoting!

What outlets are you currently using? Drop a quick comment below and let us know!

Remember you goals and connect with clients based on those goals. Choose your ideal clients and find an outlet that reaches them, whether it be online, newspaper, or church bulletin. You can even post your promotions on like-minded blogs. Try to be selective and use the best outlet for the right consumer.

By being selective and not over-powering, you build relationships with your clients. Every time you take the initiative to sell to them, and give them solid information about your service, you are gaining trust. It take roughly seven times for a client to buy from you – don’t get frustrated, build a relationship! To that end, begin to think about the advice you can give your client.

If you are a surgeon, you would want to consider pamphlets to promote your practice (Here are the top ten things you need to know about surgery), and continue to build that relationship – people are nervous about new things, make it easier. If you haven’t heard from them (as the surgeon) you can come up with another tactic (Have you scheduled your appointment? Please let us know how we can assist with this.).

It’s not just all about connection; it’s also about maintaining those relationships.

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