50 Pieces to Millions

50 Pieces to Millions

Could you handle 4 months flat on your back? That’s exactly where Lee Richter found herself after a car accident that broke over 50 of her bones. Find out what Lee learned in those months on her back and how she went on to earn millions and become CEO of 2 companies on http://rockyourlife.tv/ What would you do if you faced a life crisis? Do you have support from family and friends? Lee says her husband was her saving grace as well as the ‘Sunday potlucks’ they held in her hospital room. One of her biggest moments? Having her dog visit her in the hospital. Do you have a strong bond with your pet? If you do, you know how special it is. Find out how Lee got back on her feet to run TWO successful companies and turn her life around on this week’s episode of Rock Your Life TV.


November 2, 2016


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